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lacyxdanielle's Journal

24 August
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Uhh... let's start with this. My name is Lacy, spelled L-A-C-Y, with no "i's" or "e's" present anywhere. Yes it is my real name, not my "gothic" nickname or some retarded shit like that. Speaking of "gothic", social labels are irrelevant outside of high school, but if you insist on using them, and choose to refer to me as "goth", go right the fuck ahead (it certainly wouldn't be the first time) it just goes to show how simple and small-minded you are. However, throw all of that out of the window when referring to emo kids, because they are bad people with awful haircuts and they deserve to be singled out and made feel ashamed of their ridiculous emo ways.

You should keep this in mind when dealing with me: I don't take myself very seriously, or many things very seriously, so I may not take you very seriously. I'm a pretty silly person, and it takes a lot to piss me off, unless you're an instigator or a button pusher or you're a fucking narrowminded conservative hatemonger who can't keep their mouth shut. Or, if you're a young Republican who supported the war in Iraq, but didn't go. I don't care what your whiny rich kid excuse is, you deserve to meet horrible fate, and I sincerely hope you do.

I like to pick on people but that's just my way of being playful or affectionate, so if you think I'm making fun of you I'm probably really not (unless you're an asshat and you've given me some reason to). If I'm acually upset with you I'll just ignore you, or scream at you until you're reduced to crying and shaking. That's always fun, and generally a very healthy and effective way of resolving problems.