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Night out.

Tonight consisted of: new friends, old friends, gay friends, straight friends, karaoke, hanging out with an American Idol contestant, and CALAMARI! I could not have asked for a better "girls' night out".

Jesus, I forgot how much Mia's fucking ROCKS. Though, I always feel a little weird when people ask me if I'm straight or not. I always say no, but then they automatically assume I'm a lesbian, but that's not true either.

Most people don't understand how lonely it is to not be exclusively attracted to one sex. It feels like my gay friends see me as mostly straight, and my straight friends see me as mostly gay. And I still get that bisexual label thrown at me. I just... see people as people...

Then I feel like maybe I'm being pretentious for rejecting the bisexual label. I can't help it though, I truly hate it, and I don't feel like it applies to me. I would love to be able to openly call myself pansexual, but no one understands what it means and its more trouble than its worth to explain.

Anyway, all hang ups about my sexuality aside, I had a great fucking night.
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