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Animal cruelty?

Last night as I was leaving work, I heard someone make an announcement over the PA that a black lab was found in the parking lot, and if you were the owner of said dog, please come to the front of the store to retrieve it or whatever. I saw the girl who made the announcement, and apparently one of the guys from lawn and garden found the dog wandering around in the parking lot. When I was walking out the door, I saw him sitting with the dog, waiting for the mystery owner to arrive.

I got into my ride's car and this lady pulled up in front of us, drivin' all crazy like she's in a hurry. She parked aburptly and ran into the store. On the back of her car there were all of these stickers about PETA, veganism, laboratory liberation, and the like.

I knew immediately she was the owner of the dog, and I made sure to stick around long enough to confirm my suspicions.

God I fucking hate people.
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